Friday, August 21, 2009

Goc Goes To Nashville

The Nashville Predators have reportedly signed UFA forward, Marcel Goc, to a new 1-year deal. Goc was not tendered a qualifying offer by the San Jose Sharks this summer, foregoing restricted free agency and letting him out to the open market, where any team could have their shot at him. Finally, it appears that he has a new home.

Goc, 26, had himself an injury-plagued season, being out of the line-up on four occasions, missing 27 games. In the 55 games he did play with the Sharks, he only managed to register 2 goals and 9 assists.

Salary CapGoc will reportedly have a cap hit of $550,000 on his two-way deal, meaning that the Predators are not taking a big risk by signing him. Since he did play in 55 games last season, he should be considered ready for the line-up come the Fall. The deal now brings the team's salary cap number up to $39.9 million for 18 players, which still falls underneath the cap floor, but there are plenty of spots left on the team to ensure that they are compliant with the salary cap rules.

Goc has not been a big name player and has not exceeded point totals of 22 points in his career, so as a fantasy player, he's a bit of a bust. With his injury problems last season compounding the issue, Goc is definitely someone you should stay away from at your fantasy draft.

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