Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aaron Ward Retires

He hasn't been much of a hockey pool favourite in the past few years, but Aaron Ward has called it a career on Tuesday, ending a 15-season career in the NHL, playing 839 games, scoring 44 goals and adding 107 assists. Ward was considered to be more of a defensive defenseman, who helped win three Stanley Cups in his career, two with the Red Wings and one with the Hurricanes.

Ward saw career-highs in points in 2006, the year the Hurricanes won the Cup, where he had 6 goals and 19 assists for 25 points.  Ward also never saw a full 82-game season or a season playing 80 games, topping out at 79 games in 2002.  He should have been considered for one of the injury-prone lists, but he didn't really score enough anyways.

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