Friday, January 20, 2012

Ducks Extend Beauchemin

The Anaheim Ducks secured another piece of their blueline on Friday afternoon, as they re-signed defenseman Francois Beauchemin to a new 3-year contract extension, said to be worth $3.5 million per year against the salary cap, a $10.5 million contract.

The 31-year old veteran has been a solid member of the Ducks for the better part of seven seasons, minus a small stint in Toronto, but was definitely around for the Cup year of 2007.  Not only is he solid defensively, he does bring a certain amount of veteran leadership that is hard to replace.

Beauchemin has been having a pretty good season with the Ducks to this point, ranking 40th among all defensemen in scoring, going into Friday night's action, with 6 goals and 12 assists in 45 games.

As a defensive defenseman with 18 points, he has become a very valuable member of this season's Anaheim team and he'll be a big reason why, if they can make their way back up into the playoff race.  Unfortunately, they are well back of the 8th place team in the West and will need all the help they can get.

Salary CapWith Beauchemin signed on for the 2013 season, I now have the bulk of the Ducks regulars signed on for $40.2 million. That gives the team six forwards, five defensemen and a goalie ready to go for the next season. When the season ends, it is unlikely that the Ducks are going to be there at the Spring Dance, so taking care of business for the next season is likely high on the priority list.  The team has plenty of young players signed on for the coming year, some of which are likely to become regulars.

ImplicationsRemarkably, Beauchemin is not a part of any of the pools this year, but come the second waiver draft, he should be playing an integral part of the pool.  As of Friday afternoon, Beauchemin was the best available defenseman to the draft pool, which means he will certainly be chosen.  This is just your friendly reminder that he is still out there and is working at a pace better suited for a defenseman taken at the original draft.

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