Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nabokov Expected to Miss a Month

The update has dropped on Evgeni Nabokov and when the update comes quickly, it generally means bad news. In this case, that's exactly what it is... bad news.

The Islanders are expecting to be without their number one goalie for about a month with an injured groin, which would put him back in the line-up around the middle of December.

It wasn't a rosy start for Nabokov on Long Island, in 800 minutes of playing time, the veteran keeper had only picked up 5 wins and 10 points, only good enough for 0.75 points per 60 minutes played.  Those numbers only had him ranked 196th in pool scoring on Sunday evening and now those rankings are surely going to drop.

The Islanders will go with back-up goaltender Kevin Poulin for the time being and will likely call up Anders Nilsson to back-up going forward, according to reports.

ImplicationsYes, this injury situation has raised some early questions for Leo M. on the Waiver Draft. Will he hold out and wait for Nabokov to come back, hoping for a quick recovery or will he bail on his starter and try to find a replacement in the thin group that was left behind?

At the time of the post, Leo was in the mix for the 3rd overall pick and we're still waiting to see who will pick where after Doug and Stuart.

Speaking of Stuart, he snapped up Poulin of the Islanders, hoping to cash in on Nabokov's injury.

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