Sunday, November 10, 2013

Panthers Demote Markstrom

The Florida Panthers were able to welcome back Tim Thomas to the fold on Saturday night, as they tried to work themselves out of a funk that they are currently in. With the return of Thomas, it meant that the Panthers were dealing with three goaltenders in their line-up, a decision had to be made between Jacob Markstrom and Scott Clemmensen.  In the end, it was Markstrom who drew the short straw and was sent down to the AHL on Sunday, making Clemmensen the back-up for Thomas going forward.

When the Panthers have both Thomas and Markstrom in their line-up, there likely is some pressure to split time between the two goalies and with neither goalie getting much help, the Panthers lost in Thomas' return, 3-2 to Ottawa, they are going to run with the veteran in net and hope that the kid gets a little more confidence, winning some games in the AHL.

Markstrom has 553 minutes played (just under 10 games total) in the NHL this season, but has only managed to pick up 1 win and 2 points in that time on the ice.  It is hard to know how the goaltending situation had affected Markstrom going into the season, but his numbers suggest that it was hard on him.

ImplicationsMarkstrom was the first goaltender that Clayton C. picked up in the pool this year, but has been playing like the second goalie.  Clayton goes into Sunday in 7th place, 7 points out of the prizing and that was without much help from Markstrom in the first place.  Clayton's goalies were definitely going to be a sore spot, given that they were taken late in the pool, as they rank 18th in the pool in minutes played and tied for 13th in points from the crease.  These are not the worst rankings, considering, but when searching for the prize positions, he could use some help.

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