Saturday, December 17, 2016

Habs' Shaw Dealing With a Concussion

On Friday night against the Sharks, the Montreal Canadiens were without power forward Andrew Shaw, as he has reportedly suffered a concussion on Monday night, taking a high hit from Boston's Torey Krug.  The hit itself didn't warrant any supplemental discipline, according to the NHL's Department of Player Safety, but it will cost Shaw this weekend's play, which continues tonight in Washington.

The NHL concussion protocol will be in play and he would be eligible to return for Tuesday night's game against the Anaheim Ducks, if he was to pass all of his testing.  His current day-to-day status would suggest that the aim would be for playing in that game, but nothing is guaranteed in these cases.

In the scoring race, Shaw only ranks 185th in pool scoring, with 6 goals and 15 points in 29 games.  He was to be given a lot of responsibility with the team he signed with in the off-season as a high profiled free agent, but it really hasn't paid off, according to plan, so far.

Stacey M.'s team has been making some positive strides since the Waiver Draft, as her team has moved up to 14th place from 19th, just before the new players were to take effect.  Stacey opted to improve her team's standing in the overall race, as the PIM race was too far out of hand, even though Shaw has been a huge help to her team in that race, currently accounting for 58 of her team's 174 minutes, which has her team ranked 11th in the race.

This will likely be a costly blow, if the head injury extends for a long period of time.

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