Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Morning Player Notes (Apr 2)

Toronto Maple Leafs rookie forward Andreas Johnsson missed out on the playoff-clinching game last night on Long Island thanks to a bout of the flu.  He was under the weather and could not go in the game, currently listed as out day-to-day for right now.  The Leafs are right back at it tonight, at home against the Hurricanes, so there's usually a good chance a player will play the night after a day off with the flu, but there's an equal chance that he could use another night off, so I would say 50/50 he goes tonight.

After Monday's action, Wilton still sits in 9th place, now 5 points up on 10th place, so his spot in the top 10 is beginning to look a little cushier, but we still have plenty of hockey left this week and Johnsson's absence certainly won't help.

Calgary Flames forward Sam Bennett left the game against the Los Angeles Kings in the 2nd period with an upper-body injury after taking a hit from Kings forward Kurtis MacDermid.  Bennett didn't return to the game, but the coaching staff said afterwards that Bennett was fine and that the team really dodged a bullet on this play, which is code for just about anything and everything, especially at playoff time.  If I had to guess, Bennett will probably get some rest in the final two games of the regular season, instead of pushing him and likely for good reason.

Troy's team is in the middle of a group that sits 14th to 18th, separated by only 4 points.  There isn't much for bragging rights, since even finishing atop this group means you were the top team below the equator in the standings.  Time to just ride this week out, I'm thinking.

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