Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lil' Hossa Avoids as Well

Marcel Hossa has joined the list of players not sitting down with the arbitrator this summer. If the independent arbitrators of the league wanted to spend more time with the family, they're more than certainly getting it. Appointments left, right and centre are being cancelled. Hossa signed a 1-year, $780,000 deal, which should be par for his ability.

Hossa only scored 10 goals in 64 games with the blueshirts and really hasn't lived up the high expectations his big brother, Marian, placed on the family name. Marcel has had troubles really blending in and being a full-time threat in the big leagues, but he hasn't done too badly when it comes to waiting for a contract to land in his lap.

Expectations for Marcel should increase this season, as he's had ample opportunity to be a consistent contributor, both in Montreal and the Big Apple. He's certainly a gamble for any pool team, but he's becoming more and more of a long shot as the years go by.

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