Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Winger Swap

Tuesday morning brought a trade down between Ottawa and Boston. The Sens shipped winger Peter Schaefer to the Bruins in exchange for Shean Donovan.

At first glance, this does seems to be a lateral move for both teams, but in some respects, this move does seem to make a lot of sense. The Senators will become a bit faster and grittier with a guy like Donovan and they'll save $1.2 million in salary, which may help in terms of re-signing Ray Emery. Donovan should provide a boost to the depth chart, where the Senators may have missed out in the Finals. He may not provide the same amount of scoring punch, but there is an intangible characteristic in Donovan, which he displayed in his time in both Boston and Calgary that could be very beneficial to the Sens. Moving from Boston to Ottawa should increase Donovan's pool value and could be ranked a round higher as he could be a good fit for one of the skilled centres.

For the Bruins, they were a bit desperate for more scoring and Schaefer can come in and provide a punch to the second line immediately. Schaefer is also the kind of character guy you would like to have in your dressing room when it all comes down. The Bruins could afford to take on a bit more of a salary, as they're hovering around the $43 million mark. He'll provide the Bruins with some good quality minutes and his pool value may increase, if his ice-time is to increase in Beantown.

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