Monday, July 02, 2007

Some More Signings in the Frenzy

Todd White really made a name for himself in Ottawa and Minnesota and now he'll get his chance to show off his stuff for the Thrashers. He really hasn't had a big season in a couple years and I don't forsee a big year coming with the Thrashers. His speed should be beneficial to play with Kovalchuk or Hossa, but he'll probably end up being a solid third-liner in the organization.

The Flames made a little adjustment on the blueline by adding Cory Sarich. Known more as a defensive defenseman, you'll probably not look to Sarich in your hockey pool, but he might make guys like Phaneuf a little more confident in the offensive zone.

Another team with a big youth movement needed some experience to help guide the way and the Blackhawks signed Yanic Perreault to a 1-year deal. Perreault should provide the young Blackhawks with a good mentor as well as a bit of depth. Perreault scored 21 goals last season and also played in the All-Star Game.

Michel Ouellet didn't have to wait long to be picked up. The Tampa Bay Lightning came a calling and signed him to a 2-year deal and added him to the plethora of forward talent. Ouellet could be a very good winger to Lecavalier or Richards, so I would say his stock just went up.

Eric Perrin was snatched up as a character player by the Atlanta Thrashers. Perrin isn't really a pool-worthy player, nor does he really have a large impact. Why am I even writing this bit?

Sheldon Brookbank was added to the Blue Jackets line-up this weekend. Brookbank isn't a big hired gun, rather a bit of a bruiser. He probably won't figure into the pool as well.

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