Saturday, May 01, 2010

Jordan Staal Done for the Playoffs

I believe that this could be filed under the 'worst case scenario' and even the file folder reading 'slight coincidence.'  Jordan Staal left Friday night's game with what appeared to be a lower-body injury and that was confirmed on Saturday morning.  Staal apparently suffered some torn tendons in his knee/leg, which will now keep him from playing anymore hockey in these 2010 playoffs.  The injury is believed to be the same that Andrei Markov, who was also injured in Friday night's game (hence the coincidence), suffered earlier in the season, which kept him out of the line-up for two and a half months, but was diagnosed to be out three to four months.

ImplicationsStaal, a member of Box 15 in the Sheet pool, was taken nine times this year and I don't know who will miss him more... the Penguins or some of these pool teams that have used him to get to the top of the standings.  Neil B., Allan S. and Kalenab G., the top three teams in the standings going into Saturday's action, all have Staal on their team and he has now been eliminated from contention.  Have these top three teams got enough to stay on top?  Other teams who have now had Staal eliminated from their teams include, Craig D., Dan W., Grant S., Leon G. and Scott G..

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