Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Leighton Shuts Down the Habs for a 2-0 Lead

With back-to-back shutouts, I'm sure there are a few teams wishing that a couple of teams had some injury replacements in net and then have them post back-to-back shutouts. Well, Michael Leighton has come in for the Flyers in Brian Boucher's stead and has done well to open the series against the Montreal Canadiens, taking the first two games at home in Philadelphia.  Unfortunately for the Playoff Pool, Boucher was the goalie of record for the Flyers, so all of these shutout points are getting lost in pool oblivion. 

So, let's get to what happened in the pool, shall we?  Thanks to the preview I posted this morning, I can tell you that Scott G. extended his lead to 7 points thanks to points from Claude Giroux and Kimmo Timonen, taking advantage of Neil B.'s lack of Flyers, especially in a shutout loss.  Daniel Briere was credited with the game winner tonight, which was only taken advantage of by Russ D., who ranked 2nd in points in the Conference Finals, after the game, with 10. 

The lead was offically lifted up to 7 points after this game, which is not only getting larger in the measurable sense, but it's getting even bigger as the games disappear. 

Back to the series, the Canadiens have a bit of an uphill climb now against the Flyers, but they do have the benefit of going back home to Montreal for a couple of games, where they will need their crowd to lift them up to help them break the goose egg that Leighton has on them and get back into the series. 

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