Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blues Give Oshie 2 Games

An unexcused (and unspecified) absence from Blues practice on Monday has cost T.J. Oshie the next couple of games as punishment.  The Blues decided to suspend Oshie on Tuesday morning, meaning that the young forward will miss tonight's game at home to Minnesota and tomorrow's game in Detroit for his behaviour.  The Blues can be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs tonight, meaning they have little hope of running the table anyway, but being MIA from practice will usually get a player into a whole heap of trouble regardless.

xA broken ankle kept Oshie out of the Blues line-up for an extended period of time, limiting the dynamic forward to only 44 games this season, where he has scored 10 goals and added 20 assists, for a decent scoring pace, but it could have been better without missing time and possibly being 100%.  Oshie will be a key part of the Blues' success going forward and a little hiccup like this likely won't cause too many problems.

ImplicationsOshie was originally a draft pick of Dale B.'s this season, but since the ankle injury happened early enough for the first waiver draft, he was dropped like a hot potato.  It wasn't until the second waiver draft was he picked up again, taken by Clayton C., who has collected 17 points in 24 games since the second waiver draft, making him a pretty decent pick-up.  Clayton is nowhere near any of the races, so this is just a mention, more than impact paragraph.

Since the Blues should be eliminated from the playoffs in the next game or two, Oshie's participation in the playoff pool will be nil.

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