Friday, March 11, 2011

Draft Player News (Mar 11)

The Boston Bruins again decided to rest Tyler Seguin this week, making him into a healthy scratch against the Buffalo Sabres. I would wager a guess that the Bruins are trying to keep their top prospect from getting burned out before a playoff run, as the Bruins are on Long Island on Friday night for a match. I think Seguin has been scratch about once a week for the last few weeks, so this could very well be a matter of rest during a tough schedule adjustment more than anything.

Of course, this doesn't help Wayne H. a great deal, since he's the one sitting with him in the draft pool. Wayne goes into Friday night's action in 8th place overall, 46 points out of the money.

The Philadelphia Flyers were without their top defenseman on Thursday night, as Chris Pronger sat out the game against the Maple Leafs with a bruised hand. Pronger is going to rest up his injured hand, likely going to miss at least another game, I would figure that it isn't worth the risk to put him in the line-up while in some discomfort, especially since the Flyers are in the conference lead.

Already 60 points out of the money, Ryan M. has likely already started to think about the playoffs, so missing out on Pronger's play is likely only cosmetic for the rest of the year.

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