Friday, March 04, 2011

Hall Likely Shut Down

The news is pretty bad for the Edmonton Oilers, as they have announced that the injury suffered to Taylor Hall on Thursday night is that of a high ankle sprain, to which the club says takes eight weeks to heal up sufficiently. With only about six weeks left in the regular season, it should come as no surprise that the team isn't counting on the number one overall pick in last Summer's draft to be back in the line-up this season.

After Thursday night's game, Hall finishes his rookie campaign with 22 goals and 20 assists in 50 games for the Oilers, which isn't a bad season by any stretch of the imagination, if we were only 50 games through.  Unfortunately, Hall will have missed 32 games this season to various injuries, most notably this ankle sprain and it will take him down from his current ranking of 101st in league scoring to closer to the bottom of the top 100.

That being said, Steven Stamkos finished 155th in pool scoring in his rookie season and was nowhere near as dynamic as Hall in his first year.

ImplicationsWith Wayne H. about the furthest away for a team that may or may not be in the hunt for the money, this loss comes at a poor time, nearly sealing the deal that he won't be in the running for a prize at the end of the year. Taking away a forward about now is not what any pool team wants to have happen.

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