Sunday, March 06, 2011

Gaborik Returns

On Sunday afternoon, Marian Gaborik returned for the Rangers, getting back in time to help lead his team to their first win over the Flyers this season. The Rangers unloaded for a 7-0 win, but Gaborik was not in the scoring at all, surprisingly.

Gaborik returned from a mild concussion, which caused him to miss the last couple weeks worth of action, leaving his teammates to try and keep their playoff spot while he was away.

When Gaborik left the active line-up, he was ranked 112th in pool rankings with his 38 points and on his return, he came back in ranked 138th.  Unfortunately, no new points couldn't lift his ranking right away, but look for him to get going again soon.

ImplicationsI think it is fair to assume that missing out on Gaborik in Stuart G.'s draft line-up was devastating.  Stuart was in the mix against his brother Benson G. for 4th place, but has now fallen behind, now down 26 points with only five weeks to go.  Stuart is actually now on the verge of dropping down a couple of spots with Don D. and Dale B. hot on his tail.

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