Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blues Lose Steen to High Ankle Sprain

A tweet on Thursday morning had the suggestion that the St. Louis Blues are now expecting to be without Alex Steen for the remainder of the regular season, due to a high ankle sprain, which he reportedly suffered in Wednesday night's overtime win over the Blue Jackets.  Steen will be undergoing an MRI in the coming days to correctly diagnose his injury, but the fears are for the worst.

The Blues are awfully close to being eliminated from playoff contention, instead of being a contender in the Spring Dance and now the likelihood of them making any miraculous recovery in their season has taken a big hit.

Steen has had a decent season for the Blues in 2011, but it looks as though he'll finish up his season with 18 goals and 30 assists in 67 games, he was on pace for his best season in pool stats, going into the night ranked 81st in pool scoring, his highest ranking in his six seasons.  Unfortunately, missing out on the last month of the season will hurt that standing, but his best season, in 2010, saw him finish 144th, so there is an outside chance that might improve.

ImplicationsWell, it isn't a big deal in terms of the money race, but trying to climb out of the basement is Clayton C. and he has now lost one of his waiver draft pick-ups to this major injury.  This injury could mean staying in the bottom three teams, although there is some competition to stay in the bottom these days.

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