Saturday, March 19, 2011

Playoff Pool Did Go Live This Week

It has been a crazy week, to say the least, hardly much time to get myself sorted out on the blog site.  Stats have been a struggle, posting has been behind, even the announcement that the playoff pool is live.  But yes, I do have a working copy of the pool sheet now and I have started to hand it out, already about 10 to 12 people have the sheet and are studying it, so don't delay, get your copy today!

Click here to download a current copy of the Playoff Pool selection sheet.

Now, we are only in the middle of March and only one team has clinched their playoff spot officially, the Vancouver Canucks, so there is so much more that is actually to be decided this year.  If you get your copy of the pool on paper, Excel or PDF, be sure to take note that all 30 teams are on there, including the Edmonton Oilers, Colorado Avalanche, Ottawa Senators and New York Islanders, all teams that have no mathematical chance or are really, really close to it.

The online selection sheet should be live very soon, I have some time off this week, so I will be putting it all together.  I will be eliminating teams from that sheet, as soon as they become mathematically eliminated from the playoffs on there.  You will be able to submit your team at any time between now and the deadline, which will be the first day of the playoff schedule, at first puck drop.  Be sure to get your money in right away to qualify for some good money prizes!

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