Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Concussion Cuts Price's Season Short

The Montreal Canadiens have announced on Wednesday morning that they have been forced to shut down their number one goalie for the remainder of the season, as Carey Price has suffered a mild concussion and as per league protocol, he will be out for at least a week.  Price reportedly suffered the concussion at practice earlier this week and after seeing a specialist, the team made the announcement.

Since the Canadiens are not in the midst of the Eastern Conference playoff race, this becomes quite the easy pill to swallow for the team.

Price finishes the 2012 season with 26 wins, 4 shutouts and 2 assists this season, good enough for 62 points, which is a way down from his 2011 season total of 94 points, which put him 6th overall in pool scoring.  This is a true sign of how bad things have been for the Canadiens this season and I don't think you can pin a lot of those things on the play of Price, rather the play in front of him.

ImplicationsPrice has been a disappointment for John P. this year, who selected him with the 12th overall pick in the draft.  Price's overall rank, going into Wednesday's action is 63rd, which is an awfully far drop for your 1st round pick.  Price would rank as a late 3rd rounder at this point and there is a pretty good chance he drops into the 4th round territory before the end of the week.  That's a rough season.

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