Monday, April 02, 2012

Quincey Suspended for One

The Detroit Red Wings came down on Red Wings defenseman Kyle Quincey on Monday afternoon for his hit on Panthers forward Tomas Kopecky. The league handed the veteran defenseman a 1-game suspension for the hit that was worth five and a game during the game itself and it was vicious enough to warrant supplementary discipline.

All of the details are outlined and explained in the video below.

Being as though the suspension is only for one game, that won't cut into any playoff time, rather it would provide him a rest for the start of the playoffs, which goes in over a week's time.  Quincey is eligible to come back to the Red Wings line-up on Thursday, when they take on the New Jersey Devils.

ImplicationsThere isn't much of an impact on the money here, as Quincey belongs to Chris M., who is down in the bottom-third of the draft standings through Week Twenty-Six. Besides his own little battles, if any, there really isn't much going on here of any concern.

Quincey is a defensive option in the playoff pool, but as it was outlined before, he won't be missing any time.  You can still consider him as an option for one of your last defenders on the sheet.

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