Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Goalie Announcements (May 30)

Braden Holtby versus Marc-Andre Fleury
Well, needless to say, Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals was not a goaltending showcase, by any stretch of the imagination.  Neither Holtby or Fleury had much help, as shooting and passing lanes were not closed down by their defense, but the Golden Knights got the best of the Capitals in the opening game, in a 6-4 victory, and I wouldn't hesitate to think that tonight's Game 2 will be much different.

I am expecting the jitters to be out of the system of both teams and both goalies and they'll be really looking to close each other down tonight, likely trying to push through on special teams. 

The goaltending match-up between Holtby and Fleury is quite a small battle in this year's hockey pool, 1st place Tony has Fleury, 3rd place Buddy has Holtby and 7th place Thor has Fleury as well... that's it!  Only three pool teams have goalies in this series.  It's almost not even worth writing about anymore.  In fact, this will likely be the last goalie post of the year, barring a change of personnel in any one of the following games for whatever reason.

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