Sunday, May 06, 2018

Goalie Announcements (May 6)

Tuukka Rask versus Andrei Vasilevskiy
We're now in 8-ball territory in the second round of this playoff season and it all kicks off this afternoon in Tampa Bay, where the Boston Bruins will aim to stay alive on the road, with a win against the Lightning.  The Lightning hold a 3-1 series advantage and they'll be rolling with their number one keeper, Andrei Vasilevskiy, while the Bruins will pin their hopes back on Tuukka Rask, trying to get this series back home to Boston.

The Bruins can take a little bit of confidence from the fact that they have managed to win in Tampa in this series, taking Game 1 in a decisive fashion, but the Lightning have gained a lot of momentum from after that opening blowout to steamroll through the next three games.  The Bruins will be all kinds of shorthanded, to make things worse, as they have announced that they'll be without Torey Krug for Game 5 and beyond in this series.  Things don't look great for the Bruins.

Marc-Andre Fleury versus Martin Jones
In the evening game tonight, not quite a late one, just the later game, the San Jose Sharks are going to try and make good use of home-ice to try and stay alive against the Vegas Golden Knights and force a Game 7 for Tuesday.  Of course, the Golden Knights will want to end the series right away and wait for the winner of the Winnipeg/Nashville series in the Conference Finals.

No changes expected on either side tonight.  The Golden Knights will look to close it down with Marc-Andre Fleury, who is currently tied for 2nd in pool points with 20 in these playoffs and the Sharks, despite pulling him in Game 5, will likely be going back to Martin Jones, who has also had a great playoffs, so far, having 16 points to date.

This has been an excellent series through five games and it's anyone's guess as to how it will finish.  Either way, it should be some great hockey to watch.

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