Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gomez For Higgins

2008-2009 Statistics2010
To New York PosAgeGP/MINPointsCap Hit
Christopher Higgins F 26 57 23 RFA
Ryan McDonagh D 20 0 0 RFA
Pavel Valentenko D 21 0 0 1 year/$850,000
Doug Janik D 29 15 1 UFA
2008-2009 Statistics2010
To Montreal PosAgeGP/MINPointsCap Hit
Scott Gomez F 29 77 58 5 years/$7.357 million
Tom Pyatt F 22 0 0 1 year/$850,000
Mike Busto D 23 0 0 N/A

Wow. Now, this is one hell of a deal, obviously looking for some cap room in the Big Apple, as the Rangers have now sent Scott Gomez packing to Montreal for Chris Higgins. The Rangers have to make a deal with Higgins, as he will now head to restricted free agency, but he shouldn't be too close to what Gomez was making, so there will be some significant cap savings there.

Gomez will now be a first line centre in Montreal, but they have many holes to fill up front, so there is yet to be a good picture of how he'll do there.

Higgins in a new environment will be interesting to see. He struggled with some injuries last season, so he'll get a good, fresh look at a new team and maybe some new enthusiasm will make him a better player.

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