Monday, June 29, 2009

Guerin Signs in Pittsburgh

Another quick hit to the signing parade, as the Penguins have now added Bill Guerin back into their mix for another year. The Penguins decided to give him another season at a reasonable cap hit of $2 million. Guerin was acquired at the deadline from the Islanders and was a big help in the Stanley Cup winning playoff run in the Spring.

In the regular season, Guerin was still good for 21 goals and 27 assists in 78 games between Long Island and Pittsburgh and was a key veteran addition in the Spring. With 21 goals and 48 points, he can still be considered a reasonable fantasy player, if you go a little deeper in the draft. He could even see an increase in scoring, especially since he will be playing a full season with talent like Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. He'll be a hard player to pass up, but don't get him too early.

Evgeni MalkinKris LetangMarc-Andre Fleury
Sidney CrosbyAlex Goligoski
Chris KunitzSergei Gonchar
Jordan StaalBrooks Orpik
Bill GuerinMark Eaton
Tyler Kennedy
Matt Cooke
Pascal Dupuis
Maxime Talbot
Erik Godard

The Penguins are looking to be a little top heavy, in terms of their salary numbers and the number of players. With the signing of Guerin, the Penguins will look towards July 1st with 17 players signed at $49.7 million (approx.), not leaving much more space for name players. The Penguins may be another team that may head to their farm system for some of their filler talent.

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