Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Morning Player Notes in the Playoffs (May 25)

The Pittsburgh Penguins are not going away any time soon... or at least, they won't be going away without a solid fight.  The Penguins lived to fight for one more day against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday night, handing them a decisive 5-2 loss and forcing a Game 7 in this Eastern Conference Final.

The Penguins went back to rookie Matt Murray in the crease and he made 28 saves for the win and you would have to be fairly certain that he will get the call again for the penultimate game.

The offense was on point in this one, as Sidney Crosby continues to lead the way in these Pittsburgh wins, as he has scored each one of the winning goals in this series, plus he threw in an assist for a 3-point night.  Out of the whole lot of seven goals in this game, Crosby was the only pool player to be notable in this game, remarkably.

ImplicationsWell, if Scott has any chance of catching Kristy before the end of the playoffs, he'll need Phil Kessel to lead the Penguins, much like he has already, through to the Finals and put on a push for the Cup. Otherwise, he'll be heading up Fecal Creek without a paddle.  He'll also need San Jose to push through to the Finals on the West side, but that's a discussion for a West post.

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