Thursday, August 30, 2007

Berard Gets an Invite

Now, of course, this is not a signing. Unrestricted Free Agent, Bryan Berard, received an invite to training camp by one of his former teams, the New York Islanders. Berard isn't necessarily a pool worthy defenseman for the coming season. Playing only 11 games last season between his back injury and being waived by the Columbus Blue Jackets. In those 11 games, he only managed 3 points. If Berard is healthy, he could be considered as a decent defenseman pick-up.

A healthy Berard is usually good for 30-40 points, which would put him in around the 7th or 8th round as a defenseman. That's not a bad bet... or a good bargain if you get him really late and he performs. Watch for the signing announcement... that might mean he's healthy.

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