Friday, August 10, 2007

Blues Finish Their 20

The St. Louis Blues signed eight players on Thursday to help round out their starting 20 and fill their roster out in Worcester for their AHL club. The Blues signed defenseman Jeff Woywitka to a 1-year deal, worth $690,000, who rounds out the defense roster below. Woywitka played in only 34 games last season, but should have himself a good chance for a full-time job come October.

Paul KariyaDoug WeightKeith Tkachuk
Lee StempniakBrad BoyesMartin Rucinsky
Petr CajanekJay McClementDavid Backes
Jamal MayersDan HinoteRyan Johnson
Eric BrewerBarrett Jackman
Christian BackmanBryce Salvador
Jay McKeeJeff Woywitka
Manny Legace
Hannu Toivonen

Jason Bacashihua was also signed to a deal on Thursday, who will give Toivonen a good run for his money to back-up Manny Legace. Both Bacashihua and Toivonen won 3 games last season in under 20 games, so it might be a really tight race.

Also signed by the Blues: Yan Statsny (F), Charles Linglet (F), D.J. King (F), Mike Glumac (D), Alex Brooks (D) and Matt Walker (D).

The Blues have their salary number up to $41.5 million with the signing of Woywitka. It shouldn't be much of a difference if some of these guys are replaced by others in the system.

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