Monday, August 27, 2007

Eagle Flies to Europe

Well, the writing was on the wall last week, but it was made official this morning. The NHL will be without Ed Belfour as he signed in Sweden finally. That isn't to say that any NHL would sign him this season, but it's pretty much guaranteed now. Between stops in Toronto and Florida, he was really starting to lose both his lustre and his sanity. A nightclub incident in the summer was a black mark against his name. Since most teams have moved to a younger crease (except for Detroit), goalies like Belfour and Curtis Joseph are becoming names of the not-so-distant past that are not going to revive a career at their ages. This the end of an era in the NHL, which was bound to happen one of these years. It's hard to tell who's actually gonna miss these names, especially when there are such great goalies coming up the ranks.

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