Sunday, March 01, 2015

Glencross Goes to Washington

The next in line for the dominoes to fall on Sunday morning/afternoon, Curtis Glencross, formerly of the Flames, is on his way to Washington, moved for a couple of draft picks.

2015 Season Cap Hit
To Washington POS GP G A P 2015 2016
Curtis Glencross F 53 9 19 28 $2.55 mil UFA
To Calgary POS GP G A P 2015 2016
2015 2nd Round Draft Pick
2015 3rd Round Draft Pick

The Flames, who I had outlined as a team that could definitely do well to move out some of their free agent assets earlier on in the week, did just that, in moving Glencross.  The return for the soon-to-be-free agent forward was quite hefty in return, picking up a 2nd and a 3rd round pick from the Capitals, who are now buying into a possible long playoff run.

Although Glencross' numbers are not quite up to par with where they have been in previous years, he does provide a level of flexibility and experience, which comes from a fairly solid career as a middle-of-the-pack forward.

The Capitals were certainly benefit from adding more veteran help, especially a guy that has been to the Finals once before.  Having already added a defenseman in Tim Gleason, earlier in the weekend, they are giving their fans a sign that their commitment to winning this year is paramount.

With mention that the 2015 Entry Draft is one of the deepest drafts the NHL has seen in a number of years, the Flames add two more selections to their totals.  This gives them two picks in the 2nd round and two picks in the 3rd round, to go with their 1st round pick.  Since the Flames didn't have the highest of expectations going into the season, not making the playoffs for a reasonable return in a trade doesn't seem too far out of the question, from a franchise perspective.

In the pool, unfortunately, this doesn't have a great deal of impact on the money race at all.  Glencross belongs to Mike, who sits down near the bottom of the standings, but he should expect a little bit of a boost, since he will likely be implemented in a way that fits his game a little bit better.

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