Monday, January 14, 2019

Ducks Go to Shore

2019 Season July 1st, 2018
To Anaheim POS Age GP Goals Points Years Cap Hit
Devin Shore F 24 42 5 17 2 $2.3 mil
To Dallas POS Age GP Goals Points Years Cap Hit
Andrew Cogliano F 31 46 3 11 3 $3.25 mil

Monday morning brings us a new week and for the first time in quite some time, a pool relevant trade in the NHL.  Both the Dallas Stars and the Anaheim Ducks are either inconsistent or struggling these days and they must have looked at each other and said, "let's do something about this."  So they did.  A deal was done.

The Anaheim Ducks were able to infuse their roster with a little bit of youth, while taking a bit off the top of the salary cap commitments at the same time by acquiring Devin Shore from the Stars.  Shore has been somewhat of a decent contributor among the Stars' bottom six this season and could jump into a spot in the Anaheim top six after this trade, which could certainly help his overall value.  The general scouting report on him is that he is a reliable two-way guy, something that could spark the Ducks.

The Stars, on the other hand, are still in good shape in a Central Division playoff spot, but there has been a lack of leadership and veteran presence in their lineup, which they hope to get from a seasoned guy like Andrew Cogliano.  Cogliano is still known for his wheels and his experience should go a long ways.

Mike hasn't been getting very many miles out of Shore since picking him in the 2nd round of the Waiver Draft, 4 assists in 19 games, to date.  Granted, if Shore can move from a bottom six role to a top six role, there could be some real gains here somewhere, but by no means is that guaranteed today.  Mike's team opens up the week in 8th, 32 points out of the money and that's a gap that Shore could help shorten, not by himself, but he could certainly contribute to it.

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