Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Goalie Announcements (Jan 22)

Night number two of three of Week Seventeen tonight and it's another small-ish schedule.  I think the aim will to try not to be in the Basement Dweller more than anything else this week.  There isn't enough games to get too excited about making that run to the Mover & Shaker, although one team has put up a good start... no one wants to be down in the basement this week.

Three teams are opening tonight with no points after Monday night, seven teams registered a single point last night, while another seven teams only came away with 2 points.  If you're going to be in the basement this week, it might look pretty bad.

Aaron Dell (Troy) versus Braden Holtby (Stacey C.)
Troy has one of those teams at naught, heading into tonight, but it looks like he'll get a start from the Sharks, who played last night in Florida and took a loss.  Stacey C. is one of those teams at 2 points after Monday night and his team gets a start from the Capitals at home.

Darcy Kuemper (N/A) versus Craig Anderson (Mike)
Mike's team has 1 point after Monday night, right in the thick of the Basement Dweller mess and he finally gets a start again from Craig Anderson and the Senators, who host the Coyotes tonight.  The Coyotes are no easy task these days, 5-3-2 in their last 10 games.

Robin Lehner (Chelsea) versus Cam Ward (Scott)
Two teams right in the thick of the Basement Dweller race, Chelsea and Scott, get starts in Chicago tonight, when the Islanders take on the Blackhawks.  Chelsea's team is another one of the teams with no points after Monday, while Scott's team only has 1 point, so a win from their goalie here would be a huge success, keeping them out of the basement for one more night.

Petr Mrazek (Stacey C.) versus David Rittich (Ryan)
Stacey C. gets a second start tonight, when the Hurricanes are in Calgary to take on the Flames.  There's nothing better than adding another chance at 2 points, when you're in need of them in this short week.  Ryan's team must feel a little more comfortable than most of the teams already mentioned, with his whopping 3 points before this game tonight, as he'll have the crease representation from the home side in this game.

Jimmy Howard (Tony) versus Mikko Koskinen (Tony)
Finally, it's all about Tony in Edmonton tonight, as both of his goalies go head-to-head in the game between the Red Wings and the Oilers.  Tony's team rounds out the three that don't have any points after one night and it should all but guarantee him walking out of tonight's action with at least 2 points, barring a disaster.

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