Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Spezza Out 'Weeks?'

It appears that Jason Spezza is heading back to the shelf and it looks like it could be a long stay.

On Monday night, the Senators reportedly lost Spezza to a lower-body injury in their game against the Maple Leafs and did not return to the ice. Well, the first real news off the ice is that the injury relates to his knee and it looks like it's a major injury. They are still awaiting official word on the extent of the injury, but they are fearing that the knee injury could keep Spezza out for up to eight weeks. Of course, an update will be provided later on today.

Without this injury, it has already been a pretty troublesome year for Spezza. In 30 games this season, Spezza only has 5 goals and 14 assists for 19 points and he is supposed to be a top line player for the team. Going into the week, Spezza ranked 157th in pool scoring this year, which is way below his finishing rank in the 2009 season of 39th. If anyone has taken the loss of Dany Heatley in Ottawa the hardest, it is likely Spezza.

ImplicationsWell, this is a pretty big blow, despite his low production this season, to Dale C.'s Draft team. Dale, who currently sits in 4th spot in the standings, will now miss out on one of his key picks in the pool. This kind of injury cannot come at a good time, but it can sure come at real bad times, especially since Dale just fell out of the money in Monday night's action and currently sits 2 points out of 3rd place. It should be all hands on deck, but it looks like one will be on sabbatical for a while.

On the Sheet, Spezza was actually taken once, which is surprising given the circumstances of the Senators going into the season and the inclusion of Marian Gaborik, Sidney Crosby and Nicklas Backstrom in the box. This calls for an immediate drop... if that one team is listening.

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