Saturday, January 23, 2016

Goalie Announcements (Jan 23)

I meant to do a goalie post yesterday, it was on my list of things to do, but the day got away from me, as sorts and it wasn't posted.  Nevertheless, Allan was through to Week Seventeen on Thursday night and so we have ourselves a pretty interesting situation into the 3-day week next week for goalie wins.

It's Saturday and we have some early starts and we have games that are not going to start at all, thanks to Winter Storm Jonas.  I guess, I should start with the postponed games, as we had one on Friday night and it looks like the Flyers/Islanders game will also be postponed tonight and then there will be another game postponed tomorrow.  We'll probably touch on that a bit more in the Newsletter.

So, to the games that we'll actually see today!

We have a 10:30am MT start today, which is why this post is up nice and early today.  Ryan Miller (Clayton) and the Canucks are in Pittsburgh to take on Marc-Andre Fleury (John R.) and the Penguins, remarkably not postponed by the snow.  Both goalies have been confirmed this morning.

There is also a 2pm MT game today, the Minnesota Wild are taking on the San Jose Sharks on the warm West Coast.  Neither goalie has been confirmed at the time of this post, but it is expected that both number ones will go, Devan Dubnyk (Derek W.) against Martin Jones (Scott).

Otherwise, not a lot has actually been confirmed thus far in the morning, but we do know we'll have Mike Condon (John R.) taking on James Reimer (John S.) in the Hockey Night in Canada feature game between the Canadiens and the Leafs.  This will give John R. both of his goalies tonight, confirmed.  John's team has lost a little padding to last place, so he could use a couple wins to help his team to safety.

The only other confirmed goalies thus far today, Tuukka Rask (Dale C.) is expected for the Bruins against the Blue Jackets, Roberto Luongo (Kristy & Don) gets back-to-back nights for the Panthers, Connor Hellebuyck (Allan) goes for the Jets at home to the Devils and Louis Domingue (non-pool) will get the call for the Coyotes against the Kings tonight.

Everyone else is speculation at the moment, so we won't get too far into them.

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