Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Player Notes in the Draft (Jan 6)

The Minnesota Wild have had a bit of an injury scare with forward Mikko Koivu, as he was sent to hospital after crashing hard into the boards against the Blue Jackets. Koivu was released in time to fly back home with his teammates, but as of right now, there really is no indication about what the injury is or how long he is going to be out, although the coaching staff hopes it won't be anything long-term.

Jeremy has one of the best teams in the pool this week, just shy of the weekly lead with 10 points, but an injury to his relatively healthy team will be tough on his side, as it scratches and claws its way closer to the top of the table, now 5 points back of 1st place.  If this is long-term, it will be a sizable speed bump in the road.

First bit of news from the Lightning, their game day roster against the Flames didn't have defenseman Matt Carle in it, as he was made into a healthy scratch for the 7th time this season.  His numbers have not been very productive this year and even when he comes back from a night off, they haven't gotten much better.  This could continue to be a regular occurrence.

Carle's 18 PIM is the real contributor this season, as Wes can use as much help as he can get in that category with still half the season to go.  Wes leads the goon squads this week with 11 PIM through a couple of nights, so his team has increased their lead to 39 minutes.

In the game against the Flames, Lightning forward Ryan Callahan suffered a lower-body injury and was forced from the game with the injury.  Callahan was reportedly injured in the 2nd period, tried to play through it a little and ended up calling it a night early.  There is no real indication about this injury either, nor was the availability known for the rest of the week for the grinding forward.

Stacey C.'s team has been stuck in a rut, finishing the last three weeks in 20th place and still hasn't moved out of the spot after a couple of nights this week.  As we reach the halfway point, in the calendar, his team has 73 points to make up and adding an injury to the list is counter-productive.  Can his team possibly bounce back?

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