Saturday, January 30, 2016

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Jan 30)

As it was highlighted in the rosters of the All-Star teams, Jonathan Toews was "forced" to miss the festivities in Nashville due to an "illness" and that decision will cost him the first game back from the break, just to make sure that he misses some quality time for what ails him now.  This is nothing new, as the league has forced other star players to sit out a game for their absence from their marquee weekend in the global marketplace.

This will be one game missed for John R., Tuesday's game with the Blackhawks in Colorado, but that'll be it.  Not a big problem in the grand scheme of things, unless John feels real bad about the situation and decides to drop him in the Week Eighteen Waiver Draft.

Alex Ovechkin will have the same treatment done to him as well, as a "lower-body injury" is the apparent cause for his absence and it will also cost him the first game back from the break.  Ovechkin played and finished the last game for the Capitals before the break, so there is an indication to the NHL that something isn't quite right.

"That'll be one game, please."

For Neil, this means that he'll be without one of his top forwards for the Capitals' opener, Tuesday, home to the Panthers.  That may mean more to the rest of the team or the goalie of record in that game, because it will be a tough game without their captain.

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