Monday, January 25, 2016

Race to the Sin Bin (Jan 25)

The PIM race didn't quite take off like I would have hoped it would have after the Week Nine Waiver Draft, no one really wants to get down and dirty this season and that's a damn shame!  This week will likely be more like a picnic in the park, rather than a night at the demolition derby, as players are getting set to vacation for the weekend or head off to the All-Star Game.

It does look like it'll be a good night to try and catch Wes, as he doesn't have any of his big goons going tonight, so teams involved in this pool have a good shot, if they so choose to chuck some knuckles.

2nd place, Dale B., has a couple of his big goons going tonight, as Scott Hartnell should be in the lineup for the Blue Jackets against the Canadiens, while Antoine Roussel should be in for Dallas, as they host Calgary.  Neither player has much to fight against, but they could stir up some kind of trouble, I'm sure.

In 3rd, Brian will have some help tonight, as Brad Marchand goes for the Bruins, as they go up against the Flyers tonight.  That's the kind of game that should offer some grinding and possibly some fisticuffs.

The outer reaches of the race, sees Derek & Dan hoping and praying that they can finally get involved in a better position and he's leaving those hopes and prayers on Justin Abdelkader of the Red Wings and Shane Doan of the Coyotes, who are also going.  They have bee more about the minors here and there, rather than dropping the mitts, but Derek & Dan will take what they can get.

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