Monday, January 11, 2016

Race to the Sin Bin (Jan 11)

It's a relatively quiet night in the NHL schedule, with only four games slated for Monday night and in those four games, there isn't much for goons going, so it could be a quiet night in the penalty boxes throughout the league.

Derek & Dan have a couple good shots at trying to make up some ground on Wes tonight, as he'll have Derek Dorsett in the Canucks/Panthers game and Justin Abdelkader in the Red Wings/Kings game.

With the Bruins in New York tonight, Brian has a good chance for some PIM, as Brad Marchand will play his second game back from suspension tonight, in a good divisional match-up.  Brian has been hanging around in the PIM pool for quite a while, so this game will likely help his cause.

Out of the top five teams in the pool, those are the big names we expect to see tonight, which only confirms my suspicions about a quiet night.  This pool really needs some flavour and in a hurry!

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