Monday, January 18, 2016

Race to the Sin Bin (Jan 18)

It's been a few days since I've drawn up a post to the PIM pool, probably because I kind of lost the handle on the penalties at the end of the week and it was going to be hard to draw any accurate comparisons between teams, but now that the weekly audit is done, everything is back to normal.

Monday night will see five games on the schedule and the most interesting game on the docket could be the Avalanche in Winnipeg to take on the Jets, the only divisional game on tap and there could be some minutes handed out, if we're lucky.  Dustin Byfuglien will represent Eric's club tonight, taking on Wes' hired muscle, Cody McLeod for pugilistic purposes.

Derek & Dan still remain hopeful in this pool, but the Senators are in San Jose in the late game, which doesn't have a lot of potential for penalties, but they remain hopeful that Chris Neil can still chuck some knuckles with someone tonight.  Sadly, the top PIM getter in the pool for San Jose is Joe Thornton, who belongs to Stuart, whose team jumped into the top five last week, so maybe there is something to this match-up.  Dale B.'s top option could also jump into this conversation, as Brent Burns will be in the fray tonight for the Sharks.

Brian doesn't have much representation tonight, so his chances to move up in the standings here are next to none.  Otherwise, let the games (and the fights) begin!

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