Saturday, January 30, 2016

Week Eighteen Waiver Draft (Jan 30)

Yes, technically we're nearing the end of Week Seventeen, but with the regular season schedule for the week already done, as of Wednesday night, and the Newsletter is already published, we can, in fact, start the Waiver Draft, if the participants are ready to go.

Well, before the end of the night on Wednesday, Grant decided to make his pick nice and early, as the decision for him was pretty easy.  He decided on dropping Mikhail Grigorenko of the Avalanche, his failed pick from Week Nine, and took Mikael Backlund of the Flames, a player dropped by Mike in Week Nine, also in a negative situation.  Two negatives make a positive, right?  Backlund was the highest scoring forward available after Week Seventeen concluded, having 22 points in 48 games so far this year.

So, it's Saturday now and John R. hasn't really done anything and that's fair... it hasn't officially started yet.  Maybe he's scouting John Scott at the Waiver Draft, wondering if he'll get recalled by the Montreal Canadiens after a good showing at the All-Star event this weekend.  That could happen, right?

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