Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Jan 27)

The bottom six for the Colorado Avalanche continues to shuffle around and a lot of the familiar faces in the press box are still making their returns, including forward Mikhail Grigorenko.  His season has only generated 3 goals and 13 points in 43 games and has also made about eight trips upstairs this year, which is disappointing, considering the trade that the Avalanche acquired him in.

Grigorenko is one of the handful of players that have had a negative impact since the Waiver Draft, which was bad news for Grant, who lost out on 6 points in his deal, dropping Blake Comeau in the process.  He could atone for that early on in the Waiver Draft, with 1st pick in the next one, which he could make, as early as tomorrow.

Scary moment for the Montreal Canadiens, as forward Max Pacioretty was struck in the face by a P.K. Subban slap shot in the game against the Blue Jackets on Tuesday, forcing him to leave the game and not return. There hasn't been much for updates online yet on his condition, but since he's not an All-Star and the team is already off on their break, I think it could be hush-hush until early next week.   If something significant drops before then, we will be sure to have it on the blog.

Dale C.'s team managed to do some good in this shortened week, with only one night to go, as his team has closed some of the key gaps with a big week.  We will wait and see what the damage is to Pacioretty before making any bold statements, but without changing his Waiver Draft spot too badly.

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