Monday, January 30, 2017

Avs Shut Down Varlamov

We're now coming out of the All-Star break and teams are getting their rosters settled down for the stretch run, while our pool teams are making their necessary adjustments for a number of races for the last nine weeks of the season.  The Colorado Avalanche are now planning on life without Semyon Varlamov, as the number one netminder has now been shut down for the rest of this dismal 2017 season with his groin problems, looking ahead to the 2018 season.

The news dropped on Monday evening, as the Avalanche are getting back to business and the team recalled Spencer Martin at the same time.

This season, Varlamov made 24 appearances in the Colorado net, winning 6 games, adding a shutout and an assist for 15 points on the year and that may have said a bit more about the team in front of him overall, in terms of results, and his overall health, in terms of playing time.

It's very disappointing news for Kristy & Don, who had absolutely no luck with their goaltending this season, Varlamov a 2nd round pick this season, failing to register many points.  Officially, Varlamov will conclude the season as the pool's worst pick in the 2nd round, since he'll do no better than 15 points now.

Since the duo are vying for the PIM pool, they would likely be better suited to save the ailing goalie for the injury round in the Waiver Draft, trying to capitalize on those 50+ minute forwards or defensemen that would help them secure their money back... you know, in theory.

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