Monday, January 23, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Jan 23)

We're down to our last two teams in the goalie survivor pool and instead of highlighting the entire schedule, which is pretty time consuming, I will highlight those games that matter in the final draw to the finish.

John S. and Stacey M. are our two final combatants in the survivor pool and it's All-Star week in the NHL, which means that play concludes on Thursday night.  So, as we lead up to the conclusion of the week, we'll look at the teams that their goalies have a spot on, providing a quick update for each and then moving on to the next project.

Stacey M. has a Rangers goalie, but Antti Raanta is still on the shelf with a lower-body injury, which means that there is no start there to be had tonight with the Kings in town.  Raanta is on the Injured Reserve, which means that his projected games aren't even showing up on the pool pages and there's a good chance that he won't see any action until after the break.

Henrik Lundqvist will instead get the call for the Rangers, no surprise there and he'll take on Peter Budaj of the Kings, in all likelihood.  This means it will be a Grant versus Wes game, respectively, in the pool.

John S. has stock in a game as well tonight, but it was confirmed early on in the day that his goalie, Chad Johnson, will not get the start for the Flames on Monday night in Toronto, instead it will be Derek B.'s starter, Brian Elliott, taking on Brian's starter, Frederik Andersen, at the ACC.

Win or lose, it would seem very likely that Johnson would get the next start, which goes tomorrow night in Montreal, as back-to-back nights have usually worked out to be the other goalie in the Flames' case.  Of course, that isn't a guarantee, but it certainly makes things very interesting in the pool, especially if Elliott has a great game tonight, they could turn around and start him on back-to-back nights too.

Let the anxiousness commence!

Just in case you're wondering, if these two teams are both eliminated this week... they will split the $60 as they were the last two teams standing.
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