Monday, January 30, 2017

Week Seventeen Waiver Draft (Jan 30)

Okay, I may have wanted to get off to a flying start to the Waiver Draft, but that may not have quite happened, as my weekend was a bit derailed from some social outings and scenarios that didn't allow me back to my computer until Sunday afternoon. So sue me.

Friday, I did receive a couple of picks, but they were not officially posted until Sunday.  Props to Troy and Wilton for getting on it.  Don't let the picture to the right fool you, Troy did go goon with the top pick, taking Nashville's Cody McLeod with the 1st overall pick, as his team tries to make up the 97 minutes between his team's and Marcie's.

Wilton followed suit, but his team is only 62 minutes back, taking Kyle Clifford of the Kings, who has been a consistent member of the nightly lineup in Los Angeles.

On Sunday night, it was when we really kicked off the festivities, when Derek B., 74 minutes back, added Zack Kassian of the Oilers to his lineup, improving both the penalty minutes and the points he was getting from Colorado's Carl Soderberg.

Tony was just about to recycle the Flyers' back-up goaltending on his team, but he thought better of it.  Instead, he took Washington back-up and best goalie available, Philipp Grubauer, as he tries to get out of the ranks of the goons, down at the bottom of the table.

The Dale C. removed one of the outdoor mini-game candidates off the list, taking Pittsburgh's Bryan Rust, as his Lady Byng eligible team didn't really have much else going for it at this point in the season.  Dale will go into the last outdoor game 5 points back of Marcie for this competition, but Rust is now his only player in that game, so it's a real long shot.

Kristy & Don, who open Week Seventeen in 2nd place in the PIM pool, are now playing catch-up.  When Week Eighteen opens up, they'll get some extra help, with Ryan White of the Coyotes on their side, as he was selected with the 6th pick.

The last decision made, at the time of this post, was Stacey M.'s hope that there would be catastrophic injuries to other teams, because she couldn't find anyone that would help her team's cause moving forward, opting to pass.  She might do the same, if nothing happens to her team in the upcoming days.

So, that's as far as we've come, Mike is now on the clock and he has been informed via e-mail.
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