Saturday, April 01, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Apr 1)

Now we come to the part of the day, where we review the starting goalies on the day, looking for some money match-ups that wet our appetite.  A relatively quiet Saturday, with only eight games on the schedule, but we should see some interesting games today and with the way the races are, they will likely all mean something.

Brian opens the day with a 6-point lead on Dale B., Dale is 8 points clear on Eric for 2nd place, Marcie is 4 points out of the money, while Brenda & Seward and Ryan are 6 points out.  These are our important pool teams, let's see who's playing.

Frederik Andersen (Brian) versus Jimmy Howard (Benson)
Looks like the first of two starts for Brian will go in Detroit, as Andersen should (not confirmed this early) get the nod for the Leafs, as they inch closer to a playoff spot.  They can't clinch tonight, by the look of things, but they would be in great shape with a road win tonight.

Carey Price (Benson) versus Andrei Vasilevskiy (Ryan)
Both goalies have been confirmed early and our current leader for the Mover & Shaker, Ryan, gets a key start with the Canadiens in town to oppose.  Vasilevskiy was hopeful that a couple of his superstars would return tonight, to help guide their push, but they will still be without Steven Stamkos and Tyler Johnson tonight, as they are just not ready.

Kari Lehtonen (Dale C.) versus Cam Ward (Brian)
The second of Brian's starts comes in Carolina, as it is expected that Cam Ward will get another start tonight.  The Hurricanes are also hopeful that they could piece together a run towards the last wild card spot in the East and this Dallas team has been reeling, due to a lack of defense lately, so this could be the game that the doctor ordered.

John Gibson (Dale B.) versus Cam Talbot (Marcie)
This game is very important to the PIM pool and it could be very important to the overall pool as well, since there is a chance that Dale could have Gibson make his first start in a couple of weeks, right in the nick of time.  Marcie has one of the teams chasing his and the other money spots down and if Gibson does match up against Talbot, both unconfirmed this early, it could be a great game for the pool.

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