Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Race to the Sin Bin (Apr 4)

Well, maybe Monday night was not what we thought it could have been, especially for those hoping that this race gets a smidgen more exciting. I'm sure Marcie would prefer it to be a cake walk to the prize, but where's the fun in that?

Marcie's team was able to snag a minor penalty last night, increasing her lead over Troy's team to 46 minutes and with only six days left in the regular season, time is a wasting for this to be any more interesting.

Tonight is going to be a busy-ass night, to say the least.  13 games on the schedule, all kinds of potential for some fisticuffs, as teams jockey for playoff spots, seeding spots and not giving an inch out on the ice.

Marcie has 11 skaters going tonight, while Troy potentially has 10, depending on healthy scratches and all that jazz.  Troy does hold the top three healthy goons going tonight, Mark Borowiecki of the Senators, Cody McLeod of the Predators and Matt Martin of the Leafs, all over 100 minutes in penalties, while the closest Marcie gets to 100 minutes is 93, which Patrick Maroon of the Oilers has to start the night.  After Maroon, Troy has the next three players on the list, Chris Thorburn of the Jets, Jared Boll and Josh Manson of the Ducks as well.

With all of these guys playing tonight, something is bound to happen, right?
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