Thursday, April 27, 2017

Stars Re-Sign Janmark

There was a lot of upside, when it came to the progression of Dallas Stars forward Mattias Janmark, because after the 2016 season, he was poised to become a hockey pool regular, finishing with 29 points, 194th among all forwards and he was only 23 years old. A congenital knee problem put those plans on hold, as surgery had him sidelined for the entire 2017 season and because of that, his entry-level deal ran out on him.

So, with that being said, he had no points in no games played in the 2017 season, but I still think he has enough upside to be considered pool worthy and he should be one of those names to keep somewhere in your list, where you think it'd be a good deal to pick him up.

In the 2016 season, Janmark was a productive player, after he was taken by Clayton in the second waiver draft that year, and with a 1-year, $700,000 deal under his belt for the 2018 season, he would be a very good budgetary option, assuming he could regain some of that touch he had a season ago.

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