Monday, September 17, 2007 Posts Their Pool Projections

Today, posted their projected point totals for players this season. Their Top 250 players can be reached by clicking the link.

To no surprise, it's Sidney Crosby who they project to be their top forward at 118 points, with Joe Thornton right on his tail at 117. The top goaltenders listed in their rankings are Martin Brodeur and Miikka Kiprusoff, both hitting 98 points respectively, with Brodeur having 2 more wins and Kiprusoff having 2 more shutouts.

This tool could be utilized to help your list out, so be sure to take a quick look.

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Link Jockey said...

TSN's projections are good, but I've put together a more thorough
cheat sheet at Fantasy Hockey Pool Stats .ca. It has all the stats, predictions and picks in a detailed Excel spreadsheet, and it's cheaper than the magazines and the other websites.
You can make your own forecasts and print your own NHL 2007-2008 cheat sheet.