Thursday, March 26, 2009

Legwand Out Tonight

After taking a puck to the face in practice on Wednesday, David Legwand will be out of the Predators' line-up on Thursday night, as the team takes on the Sharks. The team is awaiting word on the severity of the injury, worried that there might be a broken bone in his face. If something is broken, the next step would be to see if surgery is necessary, obviously. Right now, consider Legwand out day-to-day.

The Predators are currently right in the middle of the train wreck, which we like to call the "Western Conference Playoff Race." They currently sit 9th, 1 point out of 8th, and have this key game against the Sharks. Legwand's 42 points this season will be missed in the line-up tonight, as he is a viable option down the middle for offense in Nashville.

In the Draft, Legwand is a member of Grant's team, which is almost enough said about the topic. Grant is currently in last in the Draft, by a fair margin. This injury only accentuates the situation.

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