Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cutting the Big Apple

It's been a crazy year for body lacerations from contact with skate blades this season and the Rangers are currently right in the middle of this whirlwind of amazement. Marian Gaborik tried to give his lacerated thigh a go against the Penguins, but felt it acting up early in the first period and decided to shut it down. Also in the first period of last night's game, rookie defenseman, Michael Del Zotto, suffered a deep laceration on his chest after coming in contact with Evgeni Malkin's skate. The word is that he needed 50 stitches to close the wound.

The Rangers will definitely be without both Gaborik and Del Zotto for their last game before the Olympic Break, which is against the Lightning.

Michael Del Zotto, who is enjoying a good year with the Rangers, 6 goals and 20 assists in 61 games this season, will get the benefit of the break to heal up his injury, but it doesn't look like Gaborik will get the same benefit, as he'll be flying to Vancouver to be with the Slovakian hockey team for the Olympic tournament. Gaborik would definitely be a huge help to the Slovaks, if he is to play, because his numbers in the NHL this season, 35 goals in 59 games, is a pretty good click.

ImplicationsBoth Rangers are in the Draft this season and their respective teams are 9th & 10th in the standings at the moment. Gaborik belongs to Dale C., who has fallen down in the standings of late, thanks in part to the Gaborik injury, while Ryan sits in 10th through a mediocre season, which was boosted by the Waiver Draft pick-up of Del Zotto. Both teams that the Olympic Break, although different for each player, will help their rehab so they can have a strong finish down the stretch.

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