Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympics Selection Sheet Pool Update

Well, every team has played in the Olympics hockey tournament and we now officially have 12 teams signed up for this mini-pool set-up. That's good enough, I really didn't want a big pool, so this will do nicely. A few from Vancouver, a few from Calgary, I think this will work out just fine. It's all for bragging rights anyways, so let's get it on!

Well, Marian Hossa (pictured) was available for Slovakia in this pool, but he wasn't taken at all this time around. Maybe if there were a few more people in the pool, we would have had a selection or two for him.

The most popular player out of the 12 teams was Alex Ovechkin, who was taken seven times, while Rick Nash was the top Canadian with five selections. Sweden's Nicklas Backstrom, Slovakia's Lubomir Visnovsky and Belarus' Viktor Kostiuchenok were all taken four times to be tied for third and then it becomes a great spread of players, which should make the pool very interesting down the stretch.

Henrik Lundqvist, starting goalie for Sweden, leads the selected players in points after his shutout win (four points) against the Germans on Wednesday. He was taken twice in the pool, by Chris & Jonny. Sidney Crosby & Mikko Koivu each have three points a piece, making a difference in the pool early.

This might turn out to be a really good race through the couple weeks of the tournament.

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